Areas of Activity

+ Areas of Activity

Company activity subject ( according to the statue)


-         Implementation of projects such as industrial automation , electrical and electronics , telemetry ,control systems , precision tools in dams and also different industries such as dams hydro mechanical equipments , control systems and precision tools of oil and gas refineries and petrochemical .

-         Preparation and installation of especial electronic instruments ,dams precision tools and hydro mechanical instruments .

-         Preparation ,installation and setting up of automatic weather stations and hydrometry .

-         Supervision of construction ,setting up and installation of different kinds of telecommunication networks associated with producing , transmission and distribution of energy.

-         Installation and implementation of power transmission lines , power transmission systems and power plants .

-         Design and implementation of automatic control systems of car navigation includes of software ,hardware and communication systems.

-         Supply and installation of all kinds of equipments and machinery and equipments of industrial factories .

-         Providing computer service ,design and implementation of computer systems and networks .also implementing management systems for government agencies and private organizations , preparation and sales of hardware and accessories ,import and export of software and hardware of computer .

-         Performing import and export of required equipments for inside and outside (foreign countries) projects.

-         Obtaining representative of internal and external in the field of activities mentioned above.