automatic vehicle location( AVL)

+ automatic vehicle location( AVL)

Car tracking system ( automatic vehicle location) AVL

Tracking and navigation systems are composed of special purpose software and hardware which provide the possibility of online and offline tracking of objects movements in order to find their position by using satellite technology and GPS base on GIS infrastructure .

By launching this system you can determine the position of cars through an operational center so system operators can observe the pattern of motion on the map and being aware of the latest information of movement such as direction of movements ,distance ,speed and so on . all these can be done by connecting to the center .

On top of all these accessing to such information and being useful for efficient planning about transportation and distribution , is another positive aspects of this system.

Functional components of tracking system

Tracking system is composed of two software and hardware parts . the software part of this system in installed in the center and includes a display screen in order to show the maps and routes , management and navigation systems.

The hardware part is a tracking system located on the moving and in the center , it provides the possibility of command and data transmission between center and the moving through applying data transmitting infrastructure ( wireless ,GPRS on GSM infrastructure or on the soraya satellite   infrastructure )

Facilities of zarin afzar tracking system

  •   ability to view vehicle location on the map .
  •   used as an alarm.
  •   used as a taxi meter to calculate rent.
  •   ability to recognize the taxi driver through smart card.
  •   transmit information about the status of vehicle sensor .
  •   transmit the data to vehicle if needed such as turning on or off the vehicle or special equipments.
  •   The possibility of installing on all kinds of vehicle
  •   Ability to zoom in on a particular car in a vehicle list
  •   Ability to print of each area with affordable amount of zoom on the map
  •   Ability to search specific locations and streets on the map and zoom on it
  •   Separation of vehicles on the movement from which are in rest
  •   Providing a new tool for managers to make decision based on the latest and most accurate information.
  •   Vehicle optimization.
  •   Ability to communicate with driver via voice and message .
  •   Ability to provide the presence list of drivers in different time.
  •   Ability to provide the list of drivers infringements (illegal speed and area)
  •   Ability to adjust device preferably for time intervals of data transmission .
  •   Ability to provide the report about the location of vehicle
  •   ability to simulate the motion of the vehicle at any date and time and display graphics on the map and print it
  •   ability to classify the vehicles base on their application.
  •   ability to classify the users and giving them access levels .
  •   reports of speed, fuel consumption, distance traveled.
  •   The ability of charging SIM card with SMS.
  •   Ability to define the allowed range on the map

In summery The allowed range is the part which a person tends and also is allowed to drive there according to urban maps , otherwise if a person drives out of this area the following can be applied:

  •   Inform the manager through alarm and message.
  •   Inform the drivers and passengers through alarm and message.
  •   Ability to stop the vehicle.
  •   The ability to enable specific sensors in the vehicle.