Telemetry and control system( SCADA)

+ Telemetry and control system( SCADA)

Control and telemetry systems for water resources

Telemetry & control systems of fluids transmission networks

Control system and telemetry of fluid transmission networks (water ,gas and oil)

Control and telemetry system of water supply networks collect information from different parts of the network and then monitoring them, they also provide the possibility of controlling the mechanisms of extended networks .

These systems are a set of electronic – intelligent telecommunication equipments which are programmable . these systems work base on standard electronic protocols . while they can be used as a self reliant they can be also connected to a central supervisory (SCADA) , this is done in order to expand systems .

SCADA systems contains features especially which are provided in communication layer and also in information networks (LAN, INTERRNET ,….). they provide the possibility of accessing to management information system (MIS) ,statistics production control (spc), central periodic maintenance (PM), and efficiency control .

The wells and pumping facilities , original and non original reservoirs , water supply networks , management station and remote control are main parts of such systems.

Continues water supply , keeping the water level of reservoirs in acceptable condition ,water lines protection ,energy control consumption , uninterrupted repair and maintenance , more efficiency and network monitoring are important aims of using this system.

The overall specifications of telemetry system in fluid transfer networks

Overall specifications of systems located in wells and pumping facilities

1-      Providing the possibility of  reading all digital signals in electrical panel in order to monitor:

  •    Statues of Phase control
  • Statues of capacitors bank
  • Status of switch well water
  • Statues of star –triangle in electromechanical panels
  • Statues of power system in electrostatic panels
  • Electronic alarm condition in the well chamber
  • Statues of reservoirs water level close to chamber

2-the possibility of controlling the mechanisms located inthe well chamber including :

  • Switching on and off the electro pumps
  • Controlling electro valves connected to pump
  • Brightness control

3-Providing the possibility of connecting to measuring devices through RS 485 serial port including:

  • Measuring devices of the basic parameters of power( 3 phase current, 3 phase voltage , reactive power , active power , frequency of input power, etc)
  • Pressure measurement devices

4- Equipped with telecommunication system in order to transfer data and voice base on standards protocol such as Modbus،   SysmacWay and etc.

5-Equipped with the panels contained HMI connecting equipments (keyboard ,monitor, industrial status determine switches )

6-Optical displayer in order to determine the status of inputs , commands and operating system status.

7-equipped with non-volatile memory to store local configuration .

8-equipped with auto restart unit in order to exit from suspend mode.

9-The possibility of group connection in RS485network and connecting to control center.

General features of systems located in main resources

1-providing the possibility of reading digital signals in repository environment such as:

  • The statue of digital level gauge in repository.
  • electrical valves of repository input and output (open and close ) condition
  • the statues of power protecting in electrical panels

2-the possibility of connecting to measuring devices through RS 485 port such as:

  • accurate devices of measuring height of repository (altrasonic ,microwave,…..)
  • pressure measuring devices of water pipes to repository
  • laboratory equipments of controlling water quality (chlorine meter, hardness meter)

3-the possibility of controlling mechanisms in repository environment

  • controlling input valve to repository (for different reason In order to keep the pipeline full and also reduce dynamic & hydraulic pressures to them , using pipes capacity as secondary repository , providing the possibility of protection and finding any fault in lines , ….)
  • controlling output valve of repository( for various reasons such as lost prevention during failure , reducing pressure of pipes,……….)
  • controlling chlorine meter.
  • Equipped with modern and reliable radio communication system for voice - data communication with different points.
  • Ability to control and monitor network base on standard protocols .
  • equipped with programmable clock and calendar.

attributes and software facilities available in the system

1-it works automatically and manually (Auto / Manual)

2-possibility to work in automatic mode as monitoring and control monitoring.

3-possibility of providing local setting of basic parameters and controlling by clients such as:

  • determine the prolific and non prolific wells by user.
  • determine the prolific and non prolific wells base on month of the year.
  • Possibility of turning the wells off at peak hours of consumption in the presence of affordable conditions in the networks.
  • Possibility of sending commands in to the wells and pumping center.
  • Possibility of requesting vocal communication with each wells .
  • Possibility of enabling or disabling the connection with each wells and displaying it after receiving data .
  • Possibility of recording the numbers of electro pumps to be turned on in non volatile memory.
  • Possibility of enabling or disabling control mechanisms in repository such as chlorination , solenoid valve and………….
  • Equipped with history of all operations with the possibility of saving unlimited data such as turning the wells or pumping center on or off