Switch card Energy control system

+ Switch card Energy control system

Switch card Energy control system

Switch card is a system for reducing power consumption and energy cost , this is installed in hotels and department hotels , applying this system in hotel industry is such a standard which should be defiantly followed. this device has the capability of controlling , connecting or disconnecting the sockets ,switches, water faucet and also controlling the room temperature . this system save power consumption up to 45 % according to statistic.

Performance procedure

the electrical system of the room will active while passengers enter to the room and putting the card in its embedded location it also will deactivate with predetermined delay when the passengers leave the room and remove the card .

ventilation system

cooler system and chiller are controlled by this system (capability of Planning and controlling different temperatures and prevent excessive work of ventilation system)


Possibility of connecting all rooms to a central network and also controlling system by computer , connecting to hotel reservation system (PMS) and the possibility of getting a variety of statistical concepts. 

Needs alarm system

This system is equipped to calling system connected to computer network for disabled people.


According to statistical studies in many hotels around the world, in common situation this system save power consumption of hotel rooms up to 45 % .

In iran , hotels can save the energy costs at least 000.60 to 000.70 rials by applying this system for each room.

Above calculated number is base on typical cost of electricity(196 rial per KW/ h) while electricity price of hotel is 10890 rial per KW/h, so the amount of saving through this system is much higher by considering to 75 % Hotel occupation coefficient .


This device can be installed very quickly and easily without any destruction in hotel rooms.


The possibility of printing advertisement and banners on device cards.