Intelligent building energy managements (BMS)

+ Intelligent building energy managements (BMS)

Intelligent building energy managements (BMS) and home automation

BMS or building management system is focused on reducing the cost of energy and also reducing environmental pollution . increasing in energy monetary value in recent decades has given more important role to BMS in industry.

Home automation has been designed for more convenience of residents . application of these two systems is not limited to residential building it is also applied for office building , hospital , hotels , shopping center , and so on .

This system is installed in order to reduce energy consumption , energy optimization   , reducing environmental pollution and energy costs.

By considering to wide range of using Thermal installations in old and new buildings one of the best option for energy optimization is applying intelligent energy management system in thermal system of buildings. This provide the possibility of accurate and automatic control of thermal system in order to supply different consumption of heating and cooling of buildings with a maximum thermal efficiency and maximum energy saving.

Control of lighting, cameras, measuring equipments, equipments, fire alarm devices, security equipment and liftare some duties of a building management system (BMS).

the amount of energy saving in this system is Up to 25% on office buildings and residential buildings. The outcome of saving is : reduce energy costs,reduce environmental pollution, increase efficiency, reduce depreciation of thermal system and increase the life of installations .

There is the possibility of remote monitoring through your cell phone and etc by applying Home Automation System . you will feel its comfort when you are able to turn on your tea kettle through sending a message (sms) when you are coming back from a long trip .

system performance

These two systems have been designed in three levels: Level One including sensors and operators, level two including switches and controllers and level three displays and management systems. The relation between levels are base on international protocols.

BACnet and KNX are some common protocols in this field. solutions provided by zarin afzar engineering experts are base on KNX and BACnet. This caused the system to be modular and also reduces the costs and on the other hand is independent of a particular manufacturer.

System features

  •   Quick and easy installation, without any mechanical changes in the engine room.
  •   remove unwanted applications.
  •   stabilize and control the temperature of hot water at different times of the day .
  •   reduce dissipation and increase the efficiency of thermal installations of building .
  •   providing alarm warning for periodic visit of equipments.
  •   Control the number of heating and cooling devices such as torches in accordance with the amount of heating required for the building.
  •   Disabling the thermal installations ( heating and cooling ) of office buildings and in accordance with the office time schedule and outside ambient temperature .
  •   Remote control and monitoring of thermal installations in buildings .
  •   alarm system and the Siren ,and also event recording.
  •   accurate statistical reporting of the performance of various components of the building.
  •   Intelligent prioritize of expenditures in the urgency and peak of consumption .